Santa Rita - Desperate Cases, Tumors and Infertility

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Santa Rita Wooden Retablo -  Patroness of desperate, lost or hopeless causes, sickness and wounds, marital problems and unhappy marriages.

Santa Rita was in an unhappy marriage to an abusive man. After 18 years of being together he was killed. She wanted so much to be a nun. She went to the convent but they refused her request because she was not a virgin. One night she was miraculously transported into their midst where she prayed to Christ to receive his passion and mercy. A thorn from his crown came down and pierced her head. The wound festered until her death. Since her death the sweet smell of roses permeate her corpse which is still intact and kept in Italy.

"Oh Holy St. Rita, because of your profound prayers you received Christ's mercy and passion, blessing you with what seemed impossible." Specific Sizes -1 1/2" x 3 1/4"