One Minute Prayers  to Unwind a Worried Mind, Book

One Minute Prayers to Unwind a Worried Mind, Book

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One minute prayers to unwind a worried mind. Buy 6 of any title and get the 7th free! What Do You Need to Release to God Today? When troubled thoughts refuse to cease. When all you long for is a sense of peace. When you get tangled up in your worries. When you don’t even have the words to speak the weight you feel. The daily mediations in this book will give language to your heart’s needs. As you consider Scripture and pause in prayer for provision, security, restoration, healing, and hope, you will find yourself leaning more wholly on God and gain rest for your weary mind. Discover peace of mind through prayer as you. recognize what is really bothering you and give it to God. exchange your fear and uncertainty for assurance and trust. learn how to lean into God’s strength and care for you. The One who created you cares for you—deeply. As you turn your worries over to him and allow him to renew your strength, you will receive an abundance of His all-sufficient grace to carry you mome