Faithfully Yours

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With inspiring stories of devotion, protection, healing, compassion, and faith, Faithfully Yours explores why we love animals so much. You will meet:
  • A schnauzer that rescued his owner after a devastating lightning strike.
  • A 40-foot whale that shocked her rescuers when she helped to save a baby whale trapped in a fishing net.
  • A miniature horse that guides a blind teacher.
  • A cat that comforts stressed-out college students. As well as people who love animals in extraordinary ways:
  • The dog trainer who transformed an unwanted shelter dog into a Broadway star.
  • The man who became a voice for the humane treatment of farm animals.
  • The woman who gave up everything to help street dogs and, in turn, learned lessons of trust and love.
Faithfully Yours will warm your heart and enhance your appreciation of God’s wonderful creation. For anyone who’s ever loved, and known the love of, a special animal.